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A Geocaching Roadtrip

Eventually every geocacher we have met ends up not being able to find any caches locally to feed their hobby. A geocacher eventually has to travel, and that means a roadtrip. We have traveled just to geocache and geocached as we traveled. We will share with you the tips that makes our roadtrips enjoyable.

If you are going to do some geocaching when your traveling you have to go prepared. By prepared we mean to actually know what type of caches are in the area you are traveling to and visiting. You have to do some Geocaching research to make your trip enjoyable. Here is what we do.


If you are driving you can plan caches along a route. A Premium Member has the ability to see what caches you will pass along the way to your destination. I know it looks complicated but after playing around with it for a bit you will figure out just what you need to do to grab some caches along your route. When you finish you are sent a gpx file via email from your account. Drop that in the GPSr and your ready to roll.


Setting up a list of caches you want to look for at your destination is a good idea as well. I know there are a lot of geocachers out there using the Geocaching IPhone Application and grabbing caches on the fly. Even if there was an app like that for Android I don’t believe we would use it while traveling, and here’s why. I don’t like to spend my day just grabbing micros all day long with my nose stuck in my phone. It just isn’t enjoyable for the family or myself. I like to weed through the caches online first and find just the right ones. This way we aren’t caching all day but enjoying family time as well. I then make a gpx file of the caches I want, and load it in the GPSr or create a bookmark list which I can then view in the hotel room or during nap time. That way I am spending time with my family and not obsessed about my geocaching.

We prefer to hit Virtual, Earthcaches, and an occasional Puzzle cache when we arrive at our destination. Puzzles are cool as you can start to get excited before your trip and they usually take you to unique places in the towns you visit. Virtuals have the ability to teach a little history of the area you visit and we love history. We love Earthcaches so we try to grab them where ever we travel as they tend to have a little bit of walking and some beautiful country involved.

If the area has a geocaching club or forum ask before you go what would be some of their favorite caches to grab. Most places are more than willing to help and are quick to give their favorites. It will give you a much more local feel to the caching area. Each place tends to have their own style of hides so you can learn something new as you go.

It is also nice to check out Waymarks in the area as well. This can sometimes lead you to some interesting places to visit. Yes they aren’t geocaches but they are fun at times to visit and they generally have some historical significance.


When you travel with children entertainment is a good idea, it keeps the kids sane and the parents as well. We see families with LCD’s strapped to the back of a front seat and the kids watching DVD’s on their journey. This is fine but we like to talk and listen to modern radio shows. Johnny’s favorite is one on the Decoder Ring Theatre and is the Red Panda. I like to listen to their Black Jack Justice Series.  If you do a search for old time radio shows in google you will come up with a large list from which to choose. All you need to do is load it on your phone, IPod, or burn a CD and you have the entertainment covered.


Food is always something to have on the trip. We like to try and bring healthy snacks along like fruits and popcorn. It is good to bring stuff to eat that isn’t going to leave a big mess in the car, as we all know kids are pretty messy. We usually don’t grab drinks as we like to stop every so often to stretch the legs for a potty break and something other than a Geocache.


Lodging is a personal preference for sure. Over the years we have been swayed by Best Westerns. I think we like them the most as they generally have a breakfast included. Before Best Westerns we felt hurried to leave the hotel to eat. Staying at this hotels allows us to lazily get up in the morning and go grab some food and then go back to the room and prep for the day. It generally adds $10 to the stay per night, as opposed to other hotel chains, but we would spend much more than that visiting a Denny’s or IHop.


Plan much more time than you figure for traveling. If you are jumping out and grabbing caches your trip will be much longer than it says when you Google directions. We have found that not having a schedule is the best. Get there when you do and just enjoy the time together. Caching is secondary to the family time. It is nice to keep things in perspective.

Well those are our tips for a successful roadtrip. Just have fun out there and enjoy yourselves and your families.

Until next time,

Mark & Johnny
The Flag_Mtn_Hkrs


63 – 28

No it is not the score of a seriously lopsided game of basketball or football. It was the variation in temperature we experienced on Sunday. I swear it had to be hotter than 63 at the event we attended in Yuma. I was wearing a long sleeved t shirt though so my idea may have been a bit off. We arrived home to 28 degrees and a foot of snow in the driveway at 21:30 hrs. It took me an hour to shovel the driveway and I have been battling the white stuff for the last 2 days now. Isn’t the diversity of everything in AZ wonderful?

Either way, the family attended the Yuma Event #6 and everyone had a wonderful time. The food was amazing to say the least. Tri Tip BBQ with coleslaw, beans, tortilla. Mmmmm good fo sure. I had also reserved two new geocoins to help pay for the event. A beautiful copper and gold coin each has the state of AZ on one side and the other has the ocean to ocean highway bridge on the other. Very neat indeed.

There were lots of give away prizes and plenty of mingling going on. I was able to meet and greet many people I already knew from past events, and met a few new ones. You all know who you are. Johnny was able to see AJ.JR which is always a highlight for him at any event. He sure do like them people, I have to say I enjoy their company as well.

The event and the following CITO made it possible for us to work on the One Busy Day: The Arizona Icon Challenge, where a cacher or team needs to get six different cache types on one day in order to be able to grab the actual cache. We were able to do this and will be grabbing the actual cache sometime in March. We also were working on the Arizona DeLorme Challenge. We picked up an additional 5 pages, which leaves us only 2 more to go, pages 16 and 17 in northern AZ.

We really enjoyed ourselves and needed a break after a rough couple of weeks prior. The date shakes in Dateland on the way home were exceptional and we recommend that anyone who likes dates stop and get one. Good stuff. We saw a few cachers dashing out behind the restaurant on the way in, so I followed and were able to grab a cache there as well. Thanks for the help Team TKW 98, couldn’t have done it without ya.

Three day weekend coming up for most. Where you headed? Are you caching? Where will we be? Guess you will have to check back later to find out.

All for now,

Mark & Johnny