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Whenever we have slowed down our caching it is because we had no goals. Goals help to keep one motivated and moving forward.

When we had cached out the Northland we set the goal of finishing the AZ DeLorme Challenge. We traveled the state collecting pages for almost a year. It was fun and kept us motivated. It was a goal and we completed it.

Last summer I talked 12 Flagstaff cachers to place 10 caches each. The only stipulation was that they needed to be placed within the city limits. The caches were placed and we all were able to streak for 100 days in a row. All had fun and it culminated in a hike to a puzzle cache whose requirement was to have streaked for 100 days. We set a goal and achieved it. Making caching fun again.

We have set a new personal goal. A caching goal to motivate us to Geocache in new territory. We have moved to Tucson. A metropolitan area with plenty of new caches. Our goal? To streak again but this time to have a number associated with a date. We want to have 2112 caches on 21.12.2012. Why? To keep us caching, even in this new land dominated by micro caches (our least favorite type of cache).

Today, 24.05.2012, we stand stand at 1776 caches. So let’s do some math.

   336 New caches needed to reach our goal.

Days left till 21.12.2012? 211


So all we need to do is find a cache every day for the next 211 days, and pick up an extra 125 caches along the way to reach our goal.

Can we do it? I think we can, and here’s why. Within just 10 km of the new homestead there are 317 traditional caches to be found. Within 15 km there are 554 traditional caches (720 caches if you count all types).

The Hkrs have not been in such a cache dense area like this in over 7 years. We had cached out the Northland to a radius of 30 miles within our first 2 years of caching.

We have the caches to find. We will make the time.  More importantly we have a goal.

Have you ever set geogoals? We have and it has kept us caching for almost 8 years straight.

Let us know some of your goals that have kept you geocaching. The more ideas we have to keep us going past 21.12.2012 the better.


FTF Fever

Well I have the FTF fever again, and bad. It is tough for me to pass up a FTF even if it is a long way away. We have passed up a few and then gone for others that were a bit closer or that we think wouldn’t be grabbed by the time we arrived on scene.

This past weekend we grabbed our 100th FTF. A feat that we never believed possible up here in the Northland. Number 100 is located on Buffalo Range Rd. which is a rather unique and interesting place. We have a cache about 10 miles or so away and we checked on it after we grabbed the cache. Beautiful country in the spring, but tough going in the summer.

I finished up our 101st FTF this morning. We are trying to keep ahead of 2spirits in the state of AZ for FTFs. At the moment of this writing they are four caches behind us and we know that they have a lot of chances at times to grab FTFs. This keeps us trying to grab all that are within out area.

Until next time, Just Cache It! !

FTF time in the Northland

Well two more weeks have passed. We finished up with school and have been doing some running around. Since our last post we have bagged 9 more FTFs out of 16 caches. That is 56% FTF ratio. All these FTFs recently has caused my Backcountry cacher rating to plumet. I feel though that eventually, since almost all were forest hides, that it will go back up shortly. This places us at number 6 in AZ with 94 FTFs to our credit that haven’t been archived yet. The forest surly has its advantages.

The hardest for us to find was Camp Cornhole which was actually 242ft away from the posted coordinates. The owner tried to tell me that it wasn’t his cache. I explained where we found it and what it looked like and he said that i had found his cache. The owner said that they used two GPSrs to place the cache. Must be using the wrong datum or something. It was found after us by someone who had read our log.

The description above is truly part of the perils of FTF hunting. Some people are not very good at hiding their first or second cache. This makes it really difficult. We travel a long way for caches and it sucks when you get all that way and nothing to show for it. We really like the fact though that no one has been there yet. There are no footprints or sticks pointing the way. We see it as the cache owner intended. That gives great ideas for hides of our own.

Our latest FTF was Peak at the Peaks 2 which the Littlest_Hkr likes, because the cache owner gives hand made bracelets for the FTF prize. It was a quick hump up a hill and then back down. The Potbellied_Pig was just not able to get closer than 400m. That is ok as I need the exercise for sure.

Heading out tomorrow to see if we can snag a couple more FTFs in Sedona. The Littlest_Hkr likes going there as the AM/PM there has Horchata in their fountain drinks. It is good stuff for sure. I guess you might get a quicker update if things go well.

I am thinking of making a Whereigo cartridge. I have just started looking at the thing and have a pretty good idea of what I want to do. We will keep you posted on that as well. We are in the planning stages to grab 7 more AZ DeLorme Challenge map pages this summer as well. I am excited about this as there is so much of AZ that I haven’t seen yet. This will help that for sure.

That pretty much does it for now. Off to sleep.

A Midweek caching day! Woo Hoo

Four days ago we were out caching in 80 degree weather. This morning we went out and it was actually snowing at both caches we found. Only in Northern Arizona.

We tried to find a cache that we actually found the first leg to months ago. Then it was found by a somewhat local cacher named Kentney. We actually met him on a FTF party in the middle of nowhere. He seems like a nice enough gent to lose a couple of FTF’s to. He found Biciolis Family Multi yesterday. We had tried before but were shut out by time and darkness a few months back. Then the forest service closed the road due to winter, and we waited for it to open again. Well Kentney bagged it first and then we had to give it a shot too.

The first stage was way tough. I think I drove out there about three times trying to find that one. You all already know what happened next. Well today we just expanded our search and found stage two with a help from Kentney and his tracks.

Stage 3 was spotted from about 25m away. Slam dunk on this one. Game over.

We then headed out to Gnarly Cache. It ended up being a nice walk. We spooked some elk out there and saw a bit o bear scat as well. The forest there was more of a oak than pine forest. Very pretty and serene on a day like today. The boys we cold so we headed back home.

Did I mention that I love the woods.

Sounds like we could be having a Pow Wow in the Pines 3 coming up. The last Pow Wow was a blast. Since then we have been to six events, of which two were hosted by us. If there is a Pow Wow in the Pines 3, it would be our tenth event.

Did I mention that I really enjoy this game?

Until next time this is Mark of the Flag_Mtn_Hkrs continuing to “See the world one Geocache at a time.”

Been a While

I thought I would keep up on this thing but my time has been busy lately. All types of things have been happening in our lives and it is all so complicated that it isn’t’ really good to put on here.

On a lighter note. The Littlest_Hkr and I went out today to grab just one cache. It was Expedition Portal. We had been out there before about two years ago. The roadbed is about the same as before but the buttresses look a little more shoty. Soon this will probably be a bike path and not a road bed. Either way, we found the cache in quick order and goofed around for about thirty minutes or so. Cool place and the tunnel is pretty nice.

We then took the old 66 to Ashfork, AZ looking for a Subway. No such luck. Not really a bustling berg by any means. So we headed back this way and to Williams, AZ as we wanted to hike north of there anyway. We found a Subway and then headed off to do a hike and found a nice place to hide a cache. We will have to make it fun and then we will publish it.

I hope to be better with this. Let’s hope so.

Onward and Upward

In the last three weeks we have gotten out a little bit more. We have been lucky enough to score two more first to finds and a few other memorable caches.

On the weekend of 5/20/2007 we made our last trip down to Sedona, AZ I believe for the year. While we were down there it was already hot for us that live up on the rim. I think by the end of the day it was close to 95 degrees, which is a sweaty day. We will be back down that way around September or October.

We did happen to grab Gone Postal, which was the first cache of this type we had ever run into. I had read about these before but never until this time seen one. It gives me ideas for a local park up here in Flagstaff, AZ. We also grabbed Dos Desperadoes Sycamore Pass Set which had an amazingly big Prickly Pear cactus nearby. This cactus was huge and probably at least a hundred years old.

After lunch we went and replaced a cache of ours that is in a beautiful spot overlooking a great picture taking possibility. The cache is called Creekside and up to this point it had been there two years. We placed it the weekend that we went down and placed Easter Eggs for the Littlest_Hkr one year.

When we got back home our first Earthcache was sent back to us for adoption. I had worked on it for about a month and it was finally approved. It is called Old Caves Crater, and if you are ever in the area there are a few caching opportunities in the area with a very nice trail system.

On the Memorial Day weekend we did not do any caching until Monday of that weekend. The forests up here are full of people and we decided to avoid most of the traffic. On Monday we thought we would reclaim the forest, as most campers were leaving. We headed back to the edge of the rim near the very small berg of Clints Well, AZ. This place is just a pull off on the highway 87. We headed to Forest Road 300, The General Crook Trail as it is affectionately known. We were able to grab 9 caches that day, as we haven’t’ cached much in the area.

The most memorable of the caches for us were Squirreled Away as it was our 600th cache. This cache also had a very unique container. We also found another neat container in Dickerson Flat. I had seen these types of signs on hillsides before but never lying on the ground. Very unique to say the least. I know it is hard to see in the picture but it reads PHX for Phoenix, AZ. It also had the mileage to the city as well, 75 miles.

The best cache for us that day was Big BLUE Sky which was a little dicey for us to get to in the Potbellied Pig. It was a very remote feeling area and we really enjoyed the ride. The first big cache view of the day was TeXAZ Cache @ Myrtle Point which we had tried to get to before. This time we found the right forest road and made it to a beautiful view.

This last weekend we stayed local and grabbed a few that we hadn’t gotten for some reason or another. Two were pretty remote, but once you go to the cache area mankind was just below. Both of these caches overlooked Oak Creek Canyon. The first cache was Harding Point. After driving for about an hour and a half off the highway you get on roads that get smaller and smaller. One wrong turn we took just kept getting fainter and fainter until it ended deep in the forest. We finally did grab the correct turn combinations and made it to this cache. It was forest primeval for sure. I got a little spooked about the walk out if the Potbellied Pig didn’t start. When you did pop out of the forest you were greeted by a drop of about 1500 ft and the Switchbacks of Oak Creek canyon. It was very surreal.

The second memorable cache of the weekend was the Hidden Canyon View cache. We drove to within 1.2 miles of the cache but ended up walking close to 2 miles in to the actual location. When we popped out on the edge we were over the parking area for the West Fork of Oak Creek. You could see the parking lot and hear Harley’s zooming up and down 89a. The gnats at the end were just outrageous and we only stayed for a little bit and then headed out. We were glad to get back to the car and head back to town.

That is a little update for now.

Hope your caching adventures are as fun as ours.