This is a story about a man and his son who enjoy to go out Geocaching.

We tend to go out and enjoy the sport, hobbie, game of Geocaching as often as we can get out into the wilds of Arizona. This Weblog is exactly about our adventures while we are out doing this activity. It is not about our family lives, work, or other activities. This is only about caching.

We provide no service through this Weblog and accept no responsibility for your inability to be prepared for the Arizona Outback. We just might let you in on where we have traveled, or what equipment we use during our outings. This Weblog may also give hints to caches that we have placed.

We do this Weblog for our memories alone.

We enjoy this activity and hope you enjoy reading about them with us.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Were going to hike Picket Post Mountain this Saturday the 17th. If your interested check out this web site. Joe



  2. Just stopping by to check out your blog. What a wonderful thing to do with your son! That’s awesome. And now that I’ve seen your photo, I might just recognize you both if I see you on the trails around town.


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