What in the world is a Munzee. Well it is some “new” Hitec treasure hunt played with your cell phone. There seems to be a problem though, there is no treasure.

The object of the game is to seek out stickers with a QR code that you scan into the Munzee app. The ones I have found look similar to the picture below.


You gain points for every Munzee found. Great idea but I have yet to see treasure at a Munzee site. Just a sticker. Folks don’t even write “TFTM” in the logs, their
generally blank.

Are we gonna seek these stickers out? Not actively we aren’t. If I am bored and early for an appointment I would rather seek a microtrash than a sticker.

Does the game have a future? Possibly, but the Hkrs won’t be playing it. We’ll stick to geocaching, thank you very much.


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  1. I totally get what you’re saying. Yet here I am deploying and capturing since February. I’m trying to make the game more interesting by placing different types of hides and using different skins. I also place very few urban munzees because I like scavenger hunt games that take me on trails. I try to always leave a comment when I capture a munzee. As an owner it was a has been a disappointing experience, as you write above, that people who capture munzees leave no comment. I’m trying to turn that around in my area. This weekend proved fruitful. I have an inbox full of comments from several people who found my munzees. 🙂 Munzee is not as satisfying as geocaching but I like it better then finding micro caches and the QR code/cell phone aspect adds a different bit of fun and another reason to re-visit local areas. — LoneR


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