Whenever we have slowed down our caching it is because we had no goals. Goals help to keep one motivated and moving forward.

When we had cached out the Northland we set the goal of finishing the AZ DeLorme Challenge. We traveled the state collecting pages for almost a year. It was fun and kept us motivated. It was a goal and we completed it.

Last summer I talked 12 Flagstaff cachers to place 10 caches each. The only stipulation was that they needed to be placed within the city limits. The caches were placed and we all were able to streak for 100 days in a row. All had fun and it culminated in a hike to a puzzle cache whose requirement was to have streaked for 100 days. We set a goal and achieved it. Making caching fun again.

We have set a new personal goal. A caching goal to motivate us to Geocache in new territory. We have moved to Tucson. A metropolitan area with plenty of new caches. Our goal? To streak again but this time to have a number associated with a date. We want to have 2112 caches on 21.12.2012. Why? To keep us caching, even in this new land dominated by micro caches (our least favorite type of cache).

Today, 24.05.2012, we stand stand at 1776 caches. So let’s do some math.

   336 New caches needed to reach our goal.

Days left till 21.12.2012? 211


So all we need to do is find a cache every day for the next 211 days, and pick up an extra 125 caches along the way to reach our goal.

Can we do it? I think we can, and here’s why. Within just 10 km of the new homestead there are 317 traditional caches to be found. Within 15 km there are 554 traditional caches (720 caches if you count all types).

The Hkrs have not been in such a cache dense area like this in over 7 years. We had cached out the Northland to a radius of 30 miles within our first 2 years of caching.

We have the caches to find. We will make the time.  More importantly we have a goal.

Have you ever set geogoals? We have and it has kept us caching for almost 8 years straight.

Let us know some of your goals that have kept you geocaching. The more ideas we have to keep us going past 21.12.2012 the better.


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  1. Posted by mitmatr on May 25, 2012 at 21:06

    Outstanding Insight! Good Luck on your journey, my friend.


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