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We Went Platinum – Part 1

For some time now we have really enjoyed Earthcaches. In college I took Geology as one of my sciences. It really opened my eyes to the Earth. Johnny has also turned into some kind of rockhound. We can’t go anywhere without him coming back with his pockets full of rocks. Luckily Arizona is an amazing place to study Geology because of the low amount of rainfall. Lack of rain means less vegetation to hide the Earth and less change due to erosion.

Anyway, we enjoy Earthcaches. Shortly after they were created we started hunting them and learning even more about the Planet. We grabbed all in our area, then created three of our own. It is always nice to see the logs of the people visiting our Earthcaches as they are always thoughtful, no TNLNSL.

We try to grab Earthcaches everywhere we visit. In California we visited a cache south of Joshua Tree NP, and the dunes of Glamis. In Nevada we saw the Valley of Fire, and some Earthcaches West of Las Vegas. Utah saw us visiting some dinosaur tracks and skin prints. In Arizona we have visited lava tubes, ripples in rock, and volcanoes. This left us with one more state to log an Earthcache in to gain our Earthcaches Master Platinum pin, we chose New Mexico since it was the closest state we hadn’t visited. All of these visits put us closer to Platinum Earthcache Master.

I searched for something close to us with a few Earthcaches to experience. Outside of Grants, NM there were nine Earthcaches within a 50 mile radius. This sounded like a great opportunity to grab a few in one day.

We had our location and I had figured out our route and when we would go. Now for the excitement.

Follow our journey in our next blog post. It has many interesting happenings which make for an exciting story.

Until next time,

Mark & Johnny
The Flag_Mtn_Hkrs


Snow is Falling

As I write this snow is on the ground in the high country. More is on the way.

So what are these cachers to do? Well with the tougher outdoor activity we have a couple of options we can do to keep us active in the caching community.

Listen to Podcasts about Geocaching
Yes it is a good time to catch up on all of the podcast you have been putting off because you have been busy caching. We do lead some busy lives and find it hard to even watch television. Listening to our favorite Podcast is just as difficult. The cooler weather drives some inside. If so catch up on your favorites.

Work on Puzzles
Now is a good time to work on some of those puzzles you have been putting off. Some of the ones you worked on last year may make sense this year. We also like to see what type of  “challenge caches” have come around that we may be interested in or meet the qualifications. We have a couple we have been working on. We will keep you posted on which ones they are in a future post.

Travel to Warmer Places
This is the time of year the Hkrs tend to travel to the deserts of Arizona. This includes hikes in Sedona and the Verde Valley where the temps are generally 15 to 20 degrees warmer than Flagstaff.

We also plan trips to Yuma in February for the S.W.A.G event and a Spring trip to Central Arizona for the A.J.A.C.S event. This is our chance to see and meet old and new Geocaching friends. We are able to swap some stories (true or fiction) and just get in some laughs.

Prepare Caches
This is the time of year that we like to get caches ready as for our future placements. You can find some sweet deals on swag this time of year. You get bags of swag and sit with the family around the table and fill them up. You then have caches ready to go in case one of your caches becomes muggled or you find a just the right spot when out.

Suck it up and cache
We have been known to be knee-deep in snow for a FTF or just because we have cabin fever. You get pretty antsy and just need to get out. If the sun is shining and the wind is calm it generally isn’t so bad to go and hunt in the snow. You would be surprised what you can find walking through the white stuff.

These are just a few of the things we do in our off-season for Geocaching. We hope that this post helps to give you some ideas to beat the off-season blues.

Until next time,

Mark & Johnny
The Flag_Mtn_Hkrs