Sunday Disaster?

Sunday was the first day myself and the Littlest_Hkr, now known as AJ_Hkr, were able to get out in a long time. We had our planned route, caches loaded, and were heading out early. All seemed well. So what happened?

I think due to the excitement of getting out of Hkr_Central for the first time in nearly a moon to cache I had become crazed. We ended up leaving a little late. I thought I had everything but we were 7 miles or so away and I realized I had forgotten our food. Back to the Hkr_Central to grab the food, camera.

I walk in the door, chat up the wife, grab batteries and left. You got it, hairbrainedness leaves me once again with no food or camera. Geesh. We didn’t realize this until we arrived at the location of the planned Hk and cache placement. It wouldn’t matter much as black clouds

Brewing Blackness

Brewing Blackness

were brewing above our location. We played in a meadow and just explored for awhile.

Ferns as big as AJ_Hkr

Ferns as big as AJ_Hkr



Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

So we played and frolicked for close to an hour just learning and loving being outside.

I had two coins in my posession that I had for way to long. We were very close to our own cache Chapel of the Holy Dove Redux (GC1064F) and decided we would place the coins there, check on the cache, and visit one of our favorite places. I would love to explain the cache location to y’all if I could, but really can’t. You can read the logs but they don’t ever give the location justice either, you have to experience the cache and the location. Nuff said.

We head back to Hkr_Central to get our lunch and change plans. We sit and eat our lunch chatting up the wife and Rosie and figure we would head out Woody Mtn Rd and grab some caches from a friend. Plan set and off we go.

The AJ_Hkr loves this kind of drive because I throw all caution to the wind and let him move his booster upfront and ride w/ the big boy once we hit dirt. We chew up sunflower seeds, discuss care of pets, and just shoot the breeze. We are coming close to starting to see where the caches are located and they aren’t on the GPSr or the Palm. I guess these caches fall below our 2 terrain or higher requirements. We do have a rule that if we have met and know the cachers we will break the micro rule or the 2 terrain below requirement. I had just assumed (diagram of assume – ass out of u and me) they were in the system since they were 20+ miles out of town in the WOODS.

Anyway we drove around and explored. Spooked a trio of Bull Elk, spied a few small groups of deer, watched a thunderstorm off in the distance, found fields of flowers, and generally had a wonderful father son outing.

After dinner we did decide to grab a cache that posted close to Hkr_Central so we could get one cache on the day. It was a great day despite everything. Did the day go as planned, of course not. But it was far from a disaster after looking at the shared time that will be remembered for years into the future.

Until Next Time

Mark & Johnny
The Flag_Mtn_Hkrs


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Sometimes those days where we forget stuff… allow us appreciate what we do see and who we are with! A blessing in disguise !


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