A New Geocaching Contest

Here @ Hkr Central we were alerted to a cool new geocaching contest.

It is located on the blog Erika Jean. We follower her geocaching escapades and have for some time now using Google Reader. Erika Jean is not only an accomplished geocacher, with over 200 finds, but also a darn good photographer. She has a very keen eye and it is easy to tell she enjoys taking photographs. She is also pretty funny and extremely creative, we like that. 🙂

By the way, Google Reader is free and doesn’t require the downloading and installation of software on your computer. You only need to have a GMail account to use Google Reader. This is why we use it here at Hkr Central. Using Google Reader is as simple as opening the page up in your favorite browser. It is an easy way to follow this blog as well. Just add us to your Google Reader and whenever we have an update it will be waiting for you when you check your account at Google Reader.

We though we would bring both of these together in a quick update. We here @ Hkr Central are now on a late Sunday evening publishing schedule. Occasionally we will shoot out a quick update like this, so add us to your feed today and catch all the happenings.

So go and check out Erika Jean and her great blog site and wonderful contest. While your at it set up Google Reader and add us both to your feed.  Erika Jeans feed and the Flag_Mtn_Hkrs feed.

Good bye for now from Hkrs Central.

Mark & Johnny
The Flag_Mtn_Hkrs

Just Cache It ! !


One response to this post.

  1. Fabulous post!

    Thanks for your kind words, linking back and letting every one know about the contest! I try each contest to beat the previous contest entry numbers – it’s a secret goal of mine 😉

    I too LOVE Google Reader, it is so nice and easy to use. I would be missing a lot of good blog reading if I didn’t use it! I’m subscribed to you!
    Do you ever use Feed Burner to keep track of subscribers? or Google Analytics to keep track of traffic?


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