Where have you gone Flag_Mtn_Hkrs?

In this issue:

Where have you gone Flag_Mtn_Hkrs?

We really haven’t gone anywhere. That is the problem. On the Geocaching front we have hit a slow period. This is not a bad thing but a normal cycle in life, we always embrace these. Things ebb and flow and for us Geocaching is one exercise that does exactly that.

Life here @ Hkr Central is going through changes. Some of them seasonal and others are lifestyle changes. Seasonally the team is off for the summer. Generally this means that we are out camping and hiking and Geocaching. The Littlest_Hkr and I are out placing caches, and checking on the ones we have. More importantly though we are hunting them and enjoying Northern Arizona in its best season, Summer. We are planning a one week long trip this Summer and will update you all on that as the plans crystallize. We are still trying to head out on day trips but are finding those a bit difficult to fit in as well. The reason being?

The Life changes. Our lives have changed here at Hkr Central dramatically. We were chosen to foster/adopt a beautiful little girl. Her name is Rosie. For those of you that follow us on Twitter (thank you by the way) you are already aware of this life transforming event. For those that follow only on the blog, you have not yet been notified, now you have. We picked up Rosie from a receiving home in Tucson on May 31st with only ten days to get ready for her. Most new parents have nine months to get ready for such events. Foster/adopt parents on the other hand do not. Mind you we are not complaining in the slightest, on the other hand we are embracing this wholly. This embracing is what is keeping us out of the field at the moment. We are working on getting out at the moment in unique ways and will update you on that as we continue this very enjoyable life change.

We will also try to post more regularly. If we don’t cache we will explain how we cache. If we do go out and Geocache we will give you the experience like we have in the past and in new ways as well. As we add technology we will update you on that as well. New gear and you will go along with us to test it out and see if it meets Hkr standards.

We hope you understand our absence. Thank you again for all who follow us on this Blog and on Twitter. Look for more changes as we evolve. We hope you will enjoy the fun.

Mark & Johnny
The Flag_Mtn_Hkrs

Just Cache It ! !


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  1. Hope all is well with Rosie!! I follow you on Twitter but I don’t think I knew about her! Look forward to hearing more about your caching n get a chance. Life DOES get hectic 😉

    In the future, if you ever need a babysitter for a night out or day of caching let me know! I Nanny! I would love to have an excuse to take a drive and see more of my state!


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