Wow…. A New Year Begins

A new year has begun, and we are renewed with a new attitude towards geocaching. We have been on a burnout faze for a while now and slowly declining our find counts, just haven’t been able to do more than chase FTFs and grab a couple on an occasional trip.

To get out of this funk I have completely rethought our caching to date. There used to be a time when almost all of the caches we hunted were at the end of some sort of walk. Not all were long but we were out and feeling sunshine. Then for some reason I was caught up in the “park and grab” part of our caching. I think it happened after we passed the 500 mark and I personally really wanted to get past 1000. This trend just about ended our fun.

The Littlest_Hkr, my partner in caching, started to not want to go anymore. It was then I realized that us jumping in and out of the Potbellied_Pig all day with the combination of him not being able to trade swag was changing his attitude toward the game. I didn’t want that to happen, so I had to rethink our tactics.

We are not going to hunt micros anymore. If there is not the possibility of trade we are not going after it, unless it is from a member of our extended geofamily, or a FTF attempt. That is it. I remember it used to be fun to trade items, I was always excited to see what was in the “cache” and to sit and read the log a little.

Those days are back now. This weekend we went out together on Saturday and grabbed caches that were out a little and we were able to walk a bit, as well as a puzzle I had solved. Sunday I did the same alone. It was so much less stressful feeling and allowed me to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

I remember that this was the reason my family started this odyssey. I think now we can enjoy the game again.


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