FTF Fever

Well I have the FTF fever again, and bad. It is tough for me to pass up a FTF even if it is a long way away. We have passed up a few and then gone for others that were a bit closer or that we think wouldn’t be grabbed by the time we arrived on scene.

This past weekend we grabbed our 100th FTF. A feat that we never believed possible up here in the Northland. Number 100 is located on Buffalo Range Rd. which is a rather unique and interesting place. We have a cache about 10 miles or so away and we checked on it after we grabbed the cache. Beautiful country in the spring, but tough going in the summer.

I finished up our 101st FTF this morning. We are trying to keep ahead of 2spirits in the state of AZ for FTFs. At the moment of this writing they are four caches behind us and we know that they have a lot of chances at times to grab FTFs. This keeps us trying to grab all that are within out area.

Until next time, Just Cache It! !


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