FTF time in the Northland

Well two more weeks have passed. We finished up with school and have been doing some running around. Since our last post we have bagged 9 more FTFs out of 16 caches. That is 56% FTF ratio. All these FTFs recently has caused my Backcountry cacher rating to plumet. I feel though that eventually, since almost all were forest hides, that it will go back up shortly. This places us at number 6 in AZ with 94 FTFs to our credit that haven’t been archived yet. The forest surly has its advantages.

The hardest for us to find was Camp Cornhole which was actually 242ft away from the posted coordinates. The owner tried to tell me that it wasn’t his cache. I explained where we found it and what it looked like and he said that i had found his cache. The owner said that they used two GPSrs to place the cache. Must be using the wrong datum or something. It was found after us by someone who had read our log.

The description above is truly part of the perils of FTF hunting. Some people are not very good at hiding their first or second cache. This makes it really difficult. We travel a long way for caches and it sucks when you get all that way and nothing to show for it. We really like the fact though that no one has been there yet. There are no footprints or sticks pointing the way. We see it as the cache owner intended. That gives great ideas for hides of our own.

Our latest FTF was Peak at the Peaks 2 which the Littlest_Hkr likes, because the cache owner gives hand made bracelets for the FTF prize. It was a quick hump up a hill and then back down. The Potbellied_Pig was just not able to get closer than 400m. That is ok as I need the exercise for sure.

Heading out tomorrow to see if we can snag a couple more FTFs in Sedona. The Littlest_Hkr likes going there as the AM/PM there has Horchata in their fountain drinks. It is good stuff for sure. I guess you might get a quicker update if things go well.

I am thinking of making a Whereigo cartridge. I have just started looking at the thing and have a pretty good idea of what I want to do. We will keep you posted on that as well. We are in the planning stages to grab 7 more AZ DeLorme Challenge map pages this summer as well. I am excited about this as there is so much of AZ that I haven’t seen yet. This will help that for sure.

That pretty much does it for now. Off to sleep.


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