Summer on the Way

It has been two weeks since our last post. We have been a little busy getting school wrapped up for the end of the year.

Of course, we have been running around grabbing caches as well, just not to the extent we would like. In the last two weeks or so we have grabbed 23 finds and one DNF, of the 23 finds 7 were FTFs. I think that is about 30% for FTFs which is a good couple of weeks for us.

Three of the FTFs were at a location that we had already placed a cache, so we knew the area. We rushed out to grab our old cache up and snag the new ones. It moved us up to 8th in AZ on FTFs which puts a smile on our faces.

The most memorable caches of the last two weeks were:

Twisted Laws of Nature as it is at a wonderful historic location that used to be on the Beale Wagon Road. Cool place for sure.

Wild Bill Hill which was a butt kicking hill with wonderful views of the San Francisco Peaks.

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend as we have looked for this booger a few times (4 or 5) and finally found it. The funny part is that it was where we had looked once before. Go figure.

Hogans Hotel which was the location of the murder of Bob Crane which was sort of creepy, but also memorable as it was #1100 for us.

We are planning on working on the AZ DeLorme Challenge this summer. We are planning on grabbing the squares we have left in the high country of AZ and then work on the hot desert caches in the fall and winter of next year.

There is some sad news at Hkr central, as the Middlest_Hkr had decided to hang up his boots and move on. We wish him well in his future.

Well enough for now. Probably post again in a couple of weeks again. You can always follow our quick posts that we do on Twitter and Utterz. We have also figured out how to post to Blogger using our cell phone and text messaging the posts in, with pictures.

See you on the trail,


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