Been a While

I thought I would keep up on this thing but my time has been busy lately. All types of things have been happening in our lives and it is all so complicated that it isn’t’ really good to put on here.

On a lighter note. The Littlest_Hkr and I went out today to grab just one cache. It was Expedition Portal. We had been out there before about two years ago. The roadbed is about the same as before but the buttresses look a little more shoty. Soon this will probably be a bike path and not a road bed. Either way, we found the cache in quick order and goofed around for about thirty minutes or so. Cool place and the tunnel is pretty nice.

We then took the old 66 to Ashfork, AZ looking for a Subway. No such luck. Not really a bustling berg by any means. So we headed back this way and to Williams, AZ as we wanted to hike north of there anyway. We found a Subway and then headed off to do a hike and found a nice place to hide a cache. We will have to make it fun and then we will publish it.

I hope to be better with this. Let’s hope so.


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