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A Midweek caching day! Woo Hoo

Four days ago we were out caching in 80 degree weather. This morning we went out and it was actually snowing at both caches we found. Only in Northern Arizona.

We tried to find a cache that we actually found the first leg to months ago. Then it was found by a somewhat local cacher named Kentney. We actually met him on a FTF party in the middle of nowhere. He seems like a nice enough gent to lose a couple of FTF’s to. He found Biciolis Family Multi yesterday. We had tried before but were shut out by time and darkness a few months back. Then the forest service closed the road due to winter, and we waited for it to open again. Well Kentney bagged it first and then we had to give it a shot too.

The first stage was way tough. I think I drove out there about three times trying to find that one. You all already know what happened next. Well today we just expanded our search and found stage two with a help from Kentney and his tracks.

Stage 3 was spotted from about 25m away. Slam dunk on this one. Game over.

We then headed out to Gnarly Cache. It ended up being a nice walk. We spooked some elk out there and saw a bit o bear scat as well. The forest there was more of a oak than pine forest. Very pretty and serene on a day like today. The boys we cold so we headed back home.

Did I mention that I love the woods.

Sounds like we could be having a Pow Wow in the Pines 3 coming up. The last Pow Wow was a blast. Since then we have been to six events, of which two were hosted by us. If there is a Pow Wow in the Pines 3, it would be our tenth event.

Did I mention that I really enjoy this game?

Until next time this is Mark of the Flag_Mtn_Hkrs continuing to “See the world one Geocache at a time.”


Multimedia message

Went caching to beautiful views in the forest this AM.


Thats right. Night time ammo can painting.

We sent this via text message just to see exactly how this works. Then we went ahead and added some more. Looks like the Hkrs are going to do a little placing tomorrow. A little two stage multi on one of our favorite trails. Should be a hoot for sure.

Maybe we will send another tomorrow from a cell point near the cache. Time will tell.

More painting left to do.

See ya

Been a While

I thought I would keep up on this thing but my time has been busy lately. All types of things have been happening in our lives and it is all so complicated that it isn’t’ really good to put on here.

On a lighter note. The Littlest_Hkr and I went out today to grab just one cache. It was Expedition Portal. We had been out there before about two years ago. The roadbed is about the same as before but the buttresses look a little more shoty. Soon this will probably be a bike path and not a road bed. Either way, we found the cache in quick order and goofed around for about thirty minutes or so. Cool place and the tunnel is pretty nice.

We then took the old 66 to Ashfork, AZ looking for a Subway. No such luck. Not really a bustling berg by any means. So we headed back this way and to Williams, AZ as we wanted to hike north of there anyway. We found a Subway and then headed off to do a hike and found a nice place to hide a cache. We will have to make it fun and then we will publish it.

I hope to be better with this. Let’s hope so.