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Well lots has happened since the last time I have posted, over 6 months ago. We have added another hiker to the crew. He is Joaquin and is from here on out the Middlest_Hkr. This is a picture of him putting away a cache out in the desert, the other hkrs and the potbellied_pig is behind them.

He arrived in August and really enjoys to cache.

The big news is the upcoming Northern Arizona Geocachers Meet and Feast (GC17ZB9). The locals in our area haven’t been together since June and I thought it would be nice to get the herd of NAGs together. If you are in the area during the time of the event please feel free to come and enjoy some time with us.

I am trying make it to this event as well. Seems like people from all over the country are going to be here. I don’t know exactly what it is but looks interesting for sure.