Well summers here and the time is right for dancing in the streets

Well we haven’t been dancing but we have been caching. I have a couple more FTF’s since the last post. We snagged Ro(x)anne Cache (GC13HBD), Tower in Sight (GC13K3V), and Top of the Rocks (GC13M3K). These were all on separate days and relatively easy caches to grab. We always like the feeling you get from opening that log and being the first one to sign it.

We were also able to acquire another 2007 Arizona Ranger Team Geocoin, now we have two, numbers 009 and 022. These are wonderful coins and not for travel. These are never located in easy to get to caches and require a little bushwhacking to get to, but always well worth it. If you ever check out Deepsouthwest Geocaching Project you will see that the Arizona Ranger Team is rather prolific AZ cachers and have grabbed the hardest caches in the state for the most part. No LPC caches for these kind of stats. I am only the top dog in Coconino Region but probably won’t be there for long with the Arizona Ranger Team around.

Well since I have been off of work for the summer I have been playing around with Google Earth and finding that the layers options are pretty powerful tools. I have only been playing with the free version, I can only imagine what the full version ($400 for one year) gets you. Like I mentioned the layers features are pretty incredible. There are layers for both Geocaching and Waymarking. After you have downloaded the appropriate kml file you just turn them on and they work pretty flawlessly.These layers will show you the caches or waymarks that are in the area you are looking at. Another company that does kml files for Google Earth is GPS Visualizer overlay “plugin” for Google Earth. The good thing about these overlays is that you can view really detailed views as well as topographical maps. These topographical maps look to be the exact same ones that I payed nearly $100 to get in National Geographic TOPO Map (Arizona Windows) just 2 years ago. The other thing about Google Earth is the fact that if you are a Premium Member of Geocaching you are able to download routes from Google Earth right into Geocaching. com and create pocket queries.

The other big news for us this week is a local event happening in July. The event is Pow Wow in the Pines #2 (GC12DB0) and is sponsored by Northern Arizona Geocachers and dreamed up by flgAZ. He is a local cacher that has very high quality geocaches and multicaches that are laid out very well. If you are ever in the Flagstaff, AZ area I highly recommend them. Anyways we said we would be there and are going to mostly help out as opposed to cache. We can grab the caches for the event after everyone goes home. I figure we might just put out a few tricky caches near the event area to give the visiting geocachers something to look for.

In other news we have decided to go to our first Mega-Event. We decided that since GeoWoodstock VI is on our side of the country for the first time that we would make a week of it and attend. I figure that we can save up some money, rent a minivan and cache our way to and from the event. I really want to acquire a few more Earthcaches in other states so that I can apply to become an Earthcache Master. I really enjoy Earthcaching and the only thing that is holding me back from becoming an Earthcache Master is the fact that I have only found Earthcaches in AZ. If I can find Earthcaches in 4 more states I can apply for Platinum and get a patch for the ole caching backpack.

Well that pretty much covers what we have been doing in the geocaching world. Hope all your geocaching are finds and your hides are never muggled.


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