Been Busy

Well to say the least, we have been busy. Not really caching type busy but just to busy to cache. That isn’t saying that we haven’t cached since 04/01/2007 because we have. We just haven’t cached anywhere but locally, as caches pop up. I took a little trip to the Mogollon Rim during this time and one towards Camp Verde another. Between the 2 trips and the local caches that have popped up I have added about 30 more caches to my list. Been able to have a few more first to finds. I have even fixed a cache of mine and am working on fixing two more.

Tomorrow I think I will head to Sedona early and fix the Creekside cache and then in the afternoon pop up here and fix the Jumbled 8 cache. Next weekend is out of the question because it is Memorial Day and the forests are always to full of people for me. I think I will just stay in town and enjoy the comforts of Flagstaff a little.

The memorable caches that we have picked up in the last month and a half have been:

Lava Twist which had some beautiful views, but was a bit tough on the walk. The angle of attack was probably 30 – 35 degrees. Made it tough but we took our time and really enjoyed the day. I had a cold and caught the caching bug I think. At least that is what I told the boss. 🙂

The Pine-Strawberry Museum was a virtual I grabbed on the rim trip. It was fun and very interesting. A great way to spend a little time in a very small AZ community.

Also on the rim trip I grabbed toPeka aLto which had to be one of the toughest forest caches that I had ever found. It was an Altoids tin in the forest. Very odd to have such a thing in these parts but it was there and after about 20 minutes of looking I did find it.

On the local scene I really enjoyed a find up the street from the homestead. The cache is Keep Up by flgAZ. He always puts out well thought out caches and this is one of them as well. I won’t give it away but it sure was fun and unique for sure. The picture is an actual photo from the cache site. When you find it you will understand.

I also put together a bookmark list for people heading to Flagstaff to geocache and hike. I called it is called Flagstaff, AZ Hike & Geocache oddly enough. It provides a few leg stretching walks around the area that are fun and have the added benefit to contain a cache along the way as well. I hope people find it helpful.

That is pretty much about all that is going on here. Email me if you have any questions or I think you can actually post to this site.

Either way, Keep Caching.


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