Nice Weekend

The meet and greet last night went well. I was nervous but everyone seemed to get along well and it was a nice little community of people who enjoyed the hobby. Good for us. I believe that 11 people signed the log, which to be honest was more than I had expected. I left happy and I think everyone else did as well.

Received an email from cosninocanines with a warning about my Cliff and Dwell cache. I disabled it and then went and grabbed it this morning. The area was tore up after only 3 weeks. I thought that all cachers practiced a leave no trace mentality. Guess I should quit guessing and start posting. I will now add to all my caches a little snippet like this.

…Minimize my and others’ impact on the environment.

  • Follow Leave No Trace ethics whenever possible.
  • Practice “Lift, Look, Replace” – put all stones or logs back where you found them. Leave the area as you found it or better (e.g. pick up litter)
  • Obtain the best possible coordinates for your cache to reduce unwarranted wear on the area. Recheck and correct your coordinates if finders report significant errors.

This could have been used on this cache for sure. I will move it somewhere else with less abuse to the environment. More rocks I guess.

While we were out that way, the Littlest_Hkr and I grabbed the two caches at Walnut Canyon. A nice day for 240 stairs for sure. This morning was beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves.

Now where to make the next Northern Arizona Geocaching meeting???????


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