What a blast

The Littlest_Hkr and I attended the A.J.A.C.S. 3rd Annual Campout down south of Florence, AZ in the 96 mile hills area. We took 4 days off to attend the event and arrived on Thursday the 22nd and stayed until the 25th. The event was a true blast. We met so many people that we had read up on in logs during out caching career. It was a lot of fun to cache during the day and hang out and tell tall tales in the evening.

While we were down in the area we went and checked out Coolidge and Florence, Arizona and the beautiful desert that is in the area. It was our first real experience with the Sonoran desert and we really enjoyed the change of pace and warm weather.

The event actually had 122 people on Saturday night when the hosts fed everyone. In the morning the people that had spent the night were waiting to take off and try and get 8 or 9 caches that were being released on that date.

Just being myself and the Littlest_Hkr we only grabbed a total of 15 caches but we really enjoyed the experience. I would recommend this event for anyone in the state of Arizona. It is a great place to put names to faces.

After we arrived home on Sunday the 25th I noticed that someone said I had a wet log in Off RTE66 so I ran out and fixed that. On Thursday the 29th we were able to grab a first to find at Little House on the Dairy which is near a local lake called Mormon Lake. I don’t really know how many that is but I think it is close to 32 for now.

Tonight is the Northern Arizona Geocaching Meet & Greet that I have set up at a local eatery. As of 14:10 on this Saturday we have at least 10 confirmed teams coming. This is great as we can now branch out from here and start doing some nice things through geocaching through the community.

Until next time.


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