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What a blast

The Littlest_Hkr and I attended the A.J.A.C.S. 3rd Annual Campout down south of Florence, AZ in the 96 mile hills area. We took 4 days off to attend the event and arrived on Thursday the 22nd and stayed until the 25th. The event was a true blast. We met so many people that we had read up on in logs during out caching career. It was a lot of fun to cache during the day and hang out and tell tall tales in the evening.

While we were down in the area we went and checked out Coolidge and Florence, Arizona and the beautiful desert that is in the area. It was our first real experience with the Sonoran desert and we really enjoyed the change of pace and warm weather.

The event actually had 122 people on Saturday night when the hosts fed everyone. In the morning the people that had spent the night were waiting to take off and try and get 8 or 9 caches that were being released on that date.

Just being myself and the Littlest_Hkr we only grabbed a total of 15 caches but we really enjoyed the experience. I would recommend this event for anyone in the state of Arizona. It is a great place to put names to faces.

After we arrived home on Sunday the 25th I noticed that someone said I had a wet log in Off RTE66 so I ran out and fixed that. On Thursday the 29th we were able to grab a first to find at Little House on the Dairy which is near a local lake called Mormon Lake. I don’t really know how many that is but I think it is close to 32 for now.

Tonight is the Northern Arizona Geocaching Meet & Greet that I have set up at a local eatery. As of 14:10 on this Saturday we have at least 10 confirmed teams coming. This is great as we can now branch out from here and start doing some nice things through geocaching through the community.

Until next time.


We decided last night that we will be heading south to our first Geocaching event. The event we are attending is A.J.A.C.S. 3rd Annual Campout Event Cache (GC10HN2). We read about these type of events on the web all the time but have yet to be able to attend one. Well this is going to be our first and we will probably leave on Thursday and cache our way down to the cache area.

Today I will be getting together all of our camping equipment and purchasing an Arizona State Land Trust Recreational Pass. Lucky for me there is an office right here in Flagstaff. I have read that valley cachers use these passes often, but up here in the northland we don’t have such a need as most land is federal and not state.

I will post all of the information about our little adventure when we get back.

The next weekend after I have put up a get together on the web for locals here. The event is Northern Arizona Geocaching Meet & Greet ( GC11F9A) and if there is anyone reading this and you are nearby please come and have a burger and share a tale.

A nice day

This morning I saw a FTF pop up on the computer, I thought that maybe we could score another FTF. It was the dogtown (GC11JBY) cache just south of Williams, AZ at Dogtown Lake. After some breakfast and a little Sesame Street we were out the door and on our way. The cache was located about 27.5 miles as the crow flies from the homestead. After a short little drive we were out and walking. We saw a Great Blue Heron on the way to the cache. The cache was intact and we logged in at 10:42.

After some rock throwing and the discovery of a crawdad claw we were back in the potbellied pig and headed for home. I remembered seeing a local cache and decided we would stop and grab that one before lunch. We parked at the Observatory, as it is on Observatory Mesa, and started walking. The cache was only about .6 of a mile from the parking lot so it would be a quick out and back. The Littlest_Hkr played line leader and we eventually made it to the cache. The cache was Emerald Isle (GC11GPJ) and commemorated St. Patties day. The only green I had to trade was a Flag_Mtn_Hkrs coin and of course the trusty green log pen. I left the ink and the coin but kept the pen, I do like it so. We logged it at 12:19 making it #525 and the last geocache of the day for us.

On the way home I thought I would get the coordinates for the Museum Club (WM1B15) and see if I could put it up on I have added a few of these in the past and thought that there must be a Route 66 waymark. I took the coordinates and while the Littlest_Hkr took a nap logged it. It was approved. Now tourists with waymarking information can find it.